“The Pale Wanderer” and “Kur’Denras” – first published in Mythic Circle (journal of the Mythopoeic Society) in 2011

“Wolf Form” – first published in coffin bell, volume 1, issue 4.

“Pond” – first published by The Molotov Cocktail (runner up for their “Shadow Award” in 2018)

“Poetry” – first posted on my personal Facebook in 2020, republished on this site

“Audit Tyrannus Anxius” – published on this site in 2020 but not mentioned to anyone

“Fidei Defensor” and “The White King’s Wages,” published in SKCM News (the newsletter of the Society of King Charles the Martyr) in 2022.

Discography (as Alexander Dove)

Die Singing, 2009. Album. Released as a downloadable ZIP file of mp3s and a document of liner notes. Not currently available online.

Obsession, 2010. Album. A mixture of acoustic instruments and singing with samples; poorly recorded and mixed.

Anodyne, 2011. EP. Acoustic guitar and singing mixed with 8-bit instrumental tracks made with Famitracker; a strange combination and incorporating some questionable taste.

Before Dawn. 2011. EP. A collaboration with pianist and composer Nathan Fivecoate.

“Lonesome George,” 2017. A single with B-side “Lavender Earl Gray.” This and various other singles released over the following years were intended to combine into an eventual album, which was, however, abandoned. My first release on streaming services.

“Zetalot 2020,” 2017. Single. Not intended for the hypothetical album, but a somewhat cynical attempt to have a song go viral among fans of a digital card game.

Murder,” 2018. A single with B-side “Ghost.”

Instruction for Young Women,” 2018. Single. Has a lyrics video by Madie Hamilton.

“Percy Florence,” 2018. Single. The last of the singles released for the theoretical album.

“Where You Started,” 2020. Single. My first song to incorporate my future wife. Perhaps appropriately, a song written many years earlier

Discography (as Dòrain)

Over the Main, 2017. Album. Recorded in my apartment bedroom with no proper audio interface and no grasp of recording techniques. Arguably the best of the albums.

Cup of Gold, 2018. EP.

The Thrush Comes in Spring, 2019. Album. Includes rerecorded or reworked songs from Cup of Gold.

False Orchard, 2022. Album. First album partially recorded in a professional studio, Wild Sound in Minneapolis.