but what?

“read this to be clean.” is my website. Currently it is a container for the derelicts of several short-lived blogs.

but who?

I am Alexander Dove Lempke. I write about disparate topics and sometimes house those writings on this site; on rare occasions I have had writing (mostly poetry) published elsewhere. I also create music (similarly eclectic) under the name Alexander Dove, which can also be found here, and I play and record still more music as part of the Scottish/Irish folk group Dòrain.

You can look on my works (which only I have cause to despair about) on my Works page.

but why?

why “read this to be clean.”? The short answer is: for no reason. The phrase emerged from a bot attempting to sound like me, based on my social media postings from around a decade ago. These postings were themselves a mixture of my own words and quotations I was posting from across various disciplines and centuries, so this bot was “fed” on a highly omnivorous diet. As such, “read this to be clean.” is a gnomic utterance from the discarnate mouth of a homunculus. Five words uttered silently and without intent, by an entity without passions or context, there is neither means nor motive to interpret them. I have scratched them above the archway of a nondescript website, but “this” cannot refer to the site or any one of its contents.