but what?

“read this to be clean.” is my website. Currently it is a container for the derelicts of several short-lived blogs.

but who?

I am Alexander Dove Lempke. I write (verse and prose,) create games, and play, compose, and record music. I release some of this music under the name Alexander Dove, and I play and record still more music as part of the Scottish/Irish folk group Dòrain.

You can look on my works (which should only cause me to despair) on my Works page.

but why?

why “read this to be clean.”? The short answer is: for no reason. The phrase came from a bot attempting to mimic me, based on my social media postings from around a decade ago. Those postings were a mixture of my own thoughts and quotes drawn from various disciplines and centuries, so this bot was “fed” on a highly omnivorous diet. This makes “read this to be clean.” a gnomic utterance from the discarnate mouth of a homunculus (if you’ll pardon the expression). Because it was written without intent, by a being without passions or context, there is no means or motive to interpret it. I have scratched it above the door of a website and on the cover of a book, but “this” cannot refer to the site or the book or any one of their contents.